IACP 4th Vice President - Philadelphia - 2017

New Jersey Attorney Generals Office
Elie Honig, Director of New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice

"Chief Wagner is unequivocally dedicated to protecting and serving his own officers and police around the State and the country. He sees policing as the highest calling. He believes that the true mission of any police officer is not to occupy, but rather to protect and serve. Moreover, Chief Wagner is adept at working with community partners and treating them with true respect. Chief Wagner is always willing to explore new, modernized approaches to complex problems, and he is a leader in action and in thought here in New Jersey. Because of the example set by Chief Wagner over the past two years, I am proud to say that police officers in this State abide by the highest standards of lawenforcement, and community leaders have reached a new level of trust towards law enforcement."
Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police
Robert M. Stevenson, Executive Director

"On behalf of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your video attendance at the MACP December Board Meeting to provide the members with information about yourself, your experience in law enforcement, and your qualifications for the position of 4th Vice President of the IACP.

The MACP supports your vision for the future of law enforcement and the IACP during these challenging times. You have demonstrated that you have the exceptional qualities, experience and skills necessary to fulfill the position. Your dedication and commitment to serve as a national voice for the profession as President of the IACP in 2021 make you an excellent choice.

The MACP is honored to offer its endorsement of your candidacy for 4th Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police."
Colorado - Arapahoe College Police 
Joseph P. Morris

"I am pleased to endorse Chief Christopher Wagner in his candidacy for fourth Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. I have known Chris since 1988, when he entered law enforcement, and have worked with him both professionally and through various leadership and educational endeavors. Chris is a consummate professional, with tireless commitment to the Denville Police Department and the Denville Community. Chris has the energy and dedication to serve on the executive team of the IACP."
City of Grinnell, Iowa Police 
Dennis Reilly, Chief of Police

"As a member of the Morris County (N.J.) law enforcement community for twenty-five years, I had the opportunity to witness the efforts that Chief Chris Wagner undertook to provide a professional law enforcement product to the citizens of Denville as Chief of Police, the residents of Morris County as President of the Morris County Police Chief’s Association and the residents of New Jersey as President of the N.J. State Association of Chiefs of Police. Chief Wagner exemplifies competence with character, two qualities that are absolutely essential to any leader.

As the demands placed on law enforcement grow, while a measure of distrust exists amongst our communities toward law enforcement, I as a chief am looking for an I.A.C.P. Executive Board candidate who is full of positive energy, one who is willing to engage and work with our various population segments, while also listening to law enforcement executives representing various sized agencies, seeking dialogue and well thought out, common sense, solutions to the issues that law enforcement faces. Chief Wagner has demonstrated that not only is he willing to take these demands on, but more importantly already is taking them on. This is evidenced by Chief Wagner’s efforts in strengthening community partnerships at the local, state and national level, while also seeking effective methods to address issues such as the safety and security of our children at school. Chief Wagner is proactively leading our profession from the front, with competence and character.  For the reasons stated, and much more, I humbly encourage my fellow chief’s to consider voting for our future, with a vote for Chief Chris Wagner as our next I.A.C.P. 4th Vice President."
Frank E. Rodgers
Lt. Colonel N.J.S.P. (Ret.)

"Please accept this letter as a personal recommendation for, and testament as to, the character, integrity and leadership of Chief Christopher Wagner of the Denville Police Department. I submit this letter to you for your consideration as you contemplate your future vote for who will become the new 4th Vice President of the IACP.

For introductory purposes, I am a retired Lt. Colonel and Deputy Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. I currently own and operate a law enforcement
consulting company and lead the Stockton University Center for Public Safety and Security. My purpose in providing the aforementioned introduction is to qualify myself in your eyes as someone with the requisite background necessary to make a recommendation pertinent to your vote that will impact the future of the IACP.

It is through my tenure as a member of the New Jersey State Police and the operation of my company that I have personally known Chief Wagner for in excess of ten (10) years. I am familiar with whom he is as a person, what he stands for professionally, and the leadership skills he possesses. His meticulous attention to detail, professional demeanor and work ethic are truly examples to be emulated. The leadership that he has consistently demonstrated throughout his professional and personal life can only be characterized as exemplary. He clearly embodies the qualities that have made him a leader in every organization that he has ever been a member of.

Accordingly, it is without reservation that I recommend Chief Wagner to you for
your vote for IACP 4th Vice President. I am absolutely confident that should he be fortunate enough to be elected, he will continue to bring great credit upon himselfand your organization. "
Delaware Police Chiefs Council
Chief Jeffrey Horvath - Dover & Lewes Police Departments

"The Council voted unanimously to endorse you in your upcoming IACP election."
Matthew Horace, MA
CNN Law Enforcement Analyst / Speaker / Author / Consultant

"I am pleased and honored to support Denville, New Jersey Police Chief Christopher Wagner as he runs for Fourth Vice President of The International Association Of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

Chief Wagner most recently served as President of The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police, an organization representing over 450 police chiefs. I admire and respect his leadership and vision both in this capacity and in his departmental role.

Chief Wagner should rightfully be seeking opportunities on the National law enforcement stage. He is an innovator and a thought leader. He is a passionate and effective communicator and advocate of police reform on a global level.  

He absolutely understands the ebbs and flows of law enforcement and has the energy and passion to represent the nations largest and most visible law enforcement organization.

He and I have had the opportunity to discuss policing and community relations and he understands the critical balance of leadership that is required to advance this national priority.

I look forward to working with Chief Wagner as he begins his learning and ascension to eventually being sworn in as the President of The IACP. I enthusiastically support his candidacy."

Howard L. Runyon, Sr.
Dade City, Florida
IACP Past President 

"I have known Chris since he was a recruit at the Police Academy.  He quickly moved from Cadet to Instructor, proving to me his work ethic and leadership skills. 

The Denville Police Department is an Accredited agency in the State of New Jersey, once again demonstrating the progressive nature of the Department.

Chris has worked his way through the ranks of the department and has led the agency in an exemplary fashion, putting forth many innovative programs.

Chris has now placed his name before our Association for 4th Vice President at our annual conference in Philadelphia, PA; a position I support wholeheartedly.  I know Chris will make an excellent Vice President/President at this year's conference."

North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police
Michael G. Yaniero, President

"It is my distinct honor and privilege to inform you that the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police has voted to proudly and enthusiastically endorse your candidacy for 4th Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).  As a leader mentoring leaders, you have the background, experience, knowledge and dedication to serve in this important role.

The IACP and the men and women in law enforcement will be well served with your guidance and vision to advance the initiatives of the IACP."
Iowa Police Chiefs Association
Chief Jeremy Logan, City of Oelwein
President, Iowa Police Chief’s Association

"It is with pleasure and support that the Iowa Police Chief’s Association formally endorses you for the position of IACP Fourth Vice President. Based on your December 19th phone conference with various members of our association, and various member interactions with you at previous IACP conferences, the Iowa Police Chiefs Association is confident that you are a proven leader who has a clear vision for law enforcement and a proven track record of progressive initiatives, which have enhanced both law enforcement effectiveness and the safety of our communities.

We wish you success in the upcoming election and look forward to working with you.  We will see you in Philadelphia."
New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police
Chief William Parenti, President

"The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police is proud to announce our unqualified endorsement of the candidacy of Chief Christopher Wagner for position of 4th Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police [IACP]. Chief Wagner is a recognized leader in law enforcement in our State, and throughout his career he has demonstrated the requisite skills, integrity, and commitment to lead the IACP in facing the challenges confronting law enforcement in the 21st century.

Chief Wagner’s history of executive leadership within large and complex law enforcement associations, combined with his record of accomplishment as a chief of police, place him among a select segment of his peers, and provide a strong and important background for leadership of the IACP. We especially note his outstanding efforts to reach out to a broad cross section of the law enforcement community within our State and elsewhere as the Chairman of our Association’s Community Relations Working Group. In today’s world, Chief Wagner’s willingness to build bridges is an indispensable attribute, and will serve him and the law enforcement community at large well in the years to come."
New Hampshire - Lincoln Police Department
Theodore P. Smith

"I have known Chief Wagner a number of years and am familiar with his work within the State of New Jersey, with the State Association of Chiefs of Police (SACOP), and within the IACP.

As Chair of the North Atlantic Region of SACOP, I rely on Chief Wagner to assist me and fill in my position when I cannot be present.  He is energetic, hard working, and an individual that I believe is dedicated to the IACP and law enforcement.

As my friend and colleague, I find no better person to endorse for the position of Fourth Vice President of the IACP than Chief Christopher Wagner."